Shellie + John

Shellie and John were married last night at the Barr Mansion in Austin! I shot their engagement session earlier in the year, so I was excited to see them again and watch them begin a new life together. There are lots of pictures in this post, so let's get started!

I caught this shot of Shellie right before we headed outside to take pictures. She looks very elegant with the doorway light and the lamp in the background.

Here's the good-looking groom.


They loved the infrared shots we took earlier in the year, so here's one with a sepia tone applied.

A bridesmaid tells a joke about a penguin and a tux. Uncontrollable laughing ensues.

Here's a cool ring shot. Earlier, John broke out a little Crue by playing "Home Sweet Home" and serenading his wife on this very piano. :)

Here's a great candid shot of Shellie and John entering the reception hall!

There were about 100 people here (I cropped this shot). I think 100 is a record for me.

A little light painting for a cool effect. Kumar on the far left is probably 7+ feet tall. He had to sit down, or we were going to have to break his legs to shave off a few feet.

If you look closely, you can see the official venue cat on the left side of the bench. He was pretty friendly, till he swiped John's finger.

Last dance...

Ok this shot has two meanings - one for the UT Longhorns who were playing yesterday, and the other was for those about to rock - they salute you.

My assistant Indiana cracked a joke right as this shot was taken, and I love their expressions!

I am done with weddings for September as we are waiting for Trevor to arrive *any day* now! I have one more engagement session and then it's time to finish getting the house/room ready and to start stocking up on diapers, etc. At least this time we have some experience!