How To Shoot For A Local Magazine


How To Shoot For A Local Magazine E-Book Ever been interested in how you can get started photographing covers for local magazines? Well, as part of the blog re-launch, I've put together a nice PDF for you with some great tips. I've been shooting magazines in Austin since 2007, and this guide will help you move towards your first magazine shoot!

Some of the things I cover are how to find/define your style, how to find matching publications, and how to track down email addresses and reach out to them. I also cover some tips for making your shoot day go great.

Best part - it's free.

Yep - all free. Along with 5 of my favorite images that you can use as a wallpaper for your computer, phone, tablet, or, a wall. To get all these goodies, just click here and enter your email address. I promise not to spam you or try to pimp some candy drive going on at my kids' school.

How to Shoot for a Magazine E-Book