Some Tuesday Luck

I am a St. Patrick's Day baby (hence Patrick for the middle name). I've always loved having my birthday on that day - I even had a little statue of St. Patrick growing up. I think what I liked most was that everyone was (usually) happy that day - people I ran into or went to school with. They might not be standing straight by the end of the day, but they were happy. So, I always felt my birthday was part of a bigger celebration. That was cool.

This year was great, and we had a ball dressing the part. We snagged these cool tees at Disney last month:

Lisa did something different this year. Instead of a mondo cake (which I would be still eating while typing this), she picked up some fancy cupcakes.

One of my favorite gifts this year was a replica of the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. It has some cool lights on it and goes very well on my desk.

Great times!