Speak Up For Kids Casa 5k, and Trevor Gives Us The Finger

Lisa and I ran a 5k this morning at the Domain in Austin. Apart from not being able to run by the Apple Store, we had a great time and felt really good about the run. Our goal was to run non-stop, which we did! Now before you give us any flak about Lisa running so close to the due date, keep in mind that she's been running for the last year or two, so it was just another day outside for her. :)

That being said, Trevor did pop his hand out around mile 2 and gave us the finger. But we stuffed him back in and sealed up the doorway with duct tape so that we could finish the race. Here are some post-race iPhone shots:

I was sporting the cool Nike Plus add-on for the iPod which lets me track run performance. Of course, we are slow, but that's ok :) . It needs to be synchronized because it's showing that we ran 3.45 miles. But you get a good, general idea of the pace/time/etc.

Here's the B-Man during a pre-race ice cream stop a few days ago.