just a good ol' boys

So, it's been a while since I posted on the DB. An incredibly long while. Part of it has been that I've been busy on various projects, and part of it is my 'writer's procrastination' feature that I was gifted with at birth. Anyways, let's get things back into gear with some images of a shoot I did with an actual General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. The shoot happened because a local family wanted the car as a backdrop for their one-year-old's birthday announcement. I'd been working with them for the last several months off and on to locate one of these vehicles in or around Austin. It turns out that there were several hundred of these use for the tv show and the film. Some were just used for close up shots, and others were set aside to be 'jumped'. This particular vehicle was going to be a jumper for the movie a few years ago, but ended up not being used. Needless to say, it's amazing to see this car still turning heads after all these years. After we shot for a few hours at a farmhouse outside of town, we headed into town for some lunch. Cellphone cameras were out everywhere as people were taking pictures of the car. Sometimes I think that people believe this is 'the car', as in, there was only one, and this is it.

This was a great shoot, and a welcome new addition to my Personal section.


Here's a little shot of me setting up.


Captain America and his car

Recently I took some photos of my friend, Brad. Brad has an animation studio here in town, and it's the host for our monthly 'creative mastermind' group. Every month, we get together and discuss our challenges running a creative business. I'm there talking photography, and others represent video, animation, training, and education disciplines. It's quite a therapeutic process - I often feel energized coming out of those meetings. A few months back, Brad shared with us his newly-completed custom Captain America Dodge Challenger. Since he runs an animation company, it's no wonder he has a strong appreciation for this comic book character. After taking a look at it, I told him that we absolutely had to photograph it.

The first challenge was finding an 'epic-ly American' location. I did some scouting in the Austin area, but nothing really stood out. Fortunately, I had a trip to NYC planned, so I set up a schedule to shoot backgrounds up there (especially the NYSE building on Wall Street). Unfortunately, it rained the entire time I was up there, so I needed another option. I checked some stock image sites, but all of the images had the same problem - a vantage point which wouldn't work with a street-level car. I started thinking about alternative locations.

A friend of mine hooked me up with some time at the Austin airport in front of a huge hangar. It was a great location. It was epic. And and all it needed was a 20 foot wide American flag, which I rented. Who knew that you could rent large flags?

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot. I am pretty sure Brad is indeed Captain America.


It's a little hard to tell in this next image, but there's an American Airlines flight in the background. Of course it had to be American Airlines.

A Super Snake

While out of town for those Christmas card shoots that I mentioned earlier, I had the opportunity to photograph a wicked-cool Shelby GT 500 Super Snake. These cars are quite unique. When you go for the full conversion, you basically buy the car and then they take it apart and replace almost everything. You end up with a 700+ HP beast that can get you from the house to the Stabucks drive-thru in 11 seconds flat. We didn't get a chance to take the car out for full-body shots, but I did some detail photos that I thought you might like:

Lisa Copeland

I photographed Lisa Copeland for the February issue of Austin Woman magazine and here are some of my favorites. In addition to being an integral part of the Nyle Maxwell family of dealerships in Austin, Lisa also co-founded Women Impacting the Nation, an organization devoted to raising money for children of fallen soldiers. She also started The Project 19 Foundation, which helps women attain their leadership goals. And, as if that's not enough, she has been instrumental in bringing a new Fiat dealership to Austin this year!

We spent a few hours photographing her at her beautiful house in north Austin. We also took a few shots in the parking lot of a Nyle Maxwell dealership. A big thanks to all who helped out on this fun day!