The Shameless Self

A Hospital, A Baby, and a Latte

I've had this image in my head for a few months. I don't even remember where the idea initially came from. Back in June, I started sketching out ideas for a new series of images titled The Shameless Self. The images are tongue-in-cheek illustrations of how our pop-culture is today: enamored with tech, followers, and fans.

This is the first image in the series, titled Delivery. When I sketched it out, I knew the perfect woman to be the patient - my friend Indiana Adams. Besides running the hugely-successful site, Indiana is also pregnant! It was a perfect fit, and I am so glad that she was able to do it.

We shot the subjects separate from the background, taking measurements and notes to make sure that everything would line up. I'll be teaching about this process at a masterclass at WPPI next February (more on that soon).

A big thanks to Indiana, Chris, Leann, Carmen, Sherry, Daniel, and Matthew for helping make this image happen! Click the image to see a larger version. More in the series are coming soon.