Create with Adonit

I'm happy to share some work I've done for Adonit's new "Create" campaign. Adonit is a tech company that makes incredible styluses and keyboards for iPads and iPhones. Their top product, the Jot Touch, connects via Bluetooth, meaning that it gives you pressure sensitivity on the stylus. I got my hands on one and enjoy using it. The idea with the new campaign is that we are all creators at heart. The imagery is designed to showcase how people are using Adonit's products in their own creations, regardless of their age/occupation/etc.

Here are some of the images we produced:

It's Christmas Card Time

It's almost October, if you can believe it. Fall is practically here. And around this time every year, I start my Christmas card work for families and businesses. It started a few years back when we sent our infamous diner image as our Christmas card. Since then, I've enjoyed creating similar holiday cards for my clients. Each of them tells a story of the family: what they look like, their personality, and what they enjoy doing.  And I work in humor wherever I can.

This year, I have tweaked the package a little bit and made some changes. I've also put up a brand-new website at Check it out, watch the intro video, and get in touch if you'd like something a little unique for your holiday card this year!

New iPad Magazine for the DogBlog!

Update: I've deactivated this plugin, as apparently I can't find a search field once it's running. Kinda need that. If you have an iPad, bust it out and take a look at this blog on it. I just installed a new Wordpress plugin called OnSwipe which makes your blog look like the Flipboard app! It's still in beta, but it looks very promising. Check it out, and if you like it, open up the plugins section on your admin page and search for OnSwipe.

Aperture drops to $79 online

Today, Apple launched their new Mac desktop App Store. Think of it as a way to buy apps for your home computer. One interesting development is that Aperture is only $79 when purchased through this store. This is a big savings over the $199 in-store/physical box purchase price. I can't see any particular downside to purchasing it through the App Store, except that purchases are tied to your iTunes account. So, if you have multiple machines, you might have to login with your iTunes account on them to download the app.

I'm more of a Lightroom person myself, although at $79 it does make it worth playing with the trial. To get started, just update your Mac to 10.6.6 via Software Update, and you'll see the new App Store icon in your dock.

Aperture 3 for $79 Image 1