The Canon 5D Mark 2

The photography world has been abuzz over the last several days over the announcement of the new Canon 5D Mark 2. The original 5D (released back in 2005) has become a staple of wedding and portrait photographers everywhere (at least, those that shoot Canon). Recently, Nikon released their D3 which sent Canon people jumping over to them. I think, however, that the 5D Mark 2 is going to bring those people back! Check out some of these specs:

21 Megapixel sensor. As my wife dutifully points out, megapixels aren't everything. But if you need them, you can't do better for the price.

Extended ISO range up to 25,600. Put simply, this means better shots in low light.

Full 1080P HD recording. This is a biggie, because you get to record using all the lenses that you have. So narrow depth-of-field, extreme wide angles, etc are now available in your videos just by changing lenses!

3 inch LCD. This is a step up from the 5D's current display (2.5 inches).

The street price should have it under 3k (the 5D started just over 3k in 2005, if I remember correctly). You can see a 1080P video created with the camera here. The video was done in just 72 hours!

Here are some shots from Rob Golbraith's preview: