The Christmas Jar

A new tradition I started this year is called the Christmas jar. Jason Wright wrote Christmas Jars based on the simple idea of having a jar-full of money that is given to someone in need. Since last Christmas, I've been collecting all the loose change I've had throughout the year and storing it. Right now, Lisa is at the grocery store emptying all the money into one of those CoinStar coin-counting machines. When she gets back, I'll get the total and update the post. I suspect around $50 or so. CoinStar lets you donate the money immediately to a number of organizations, and we chose the March of Dimes Foundation.

If you get a chance, check out the Christmas Jars novel. It's a great story about 'paying it forward', and it has inspired a tradition in me that I plan to do every year!

*** UPDATE *** The total amount equaled $108!! yay!