The Christmas Jar, 2009 Edition

Two years ago, I wrote about a book by Jason Wright called Christmas Jars. The story - keeping a jar full of money that you donate to someone in need - inspired me to collect all of the loose change I find in the house throughout the year, and then to donate that change to a worthy cause. Here's a shot of all the change that has been collecting in a desk drawer since January:

In 2007, the amount donated was $108.This year, Coinstar says that I collected a respectable $62.31.

This year, I'll double the amount to $125. In the past, we used Coinstar's automatic donation feature to donate the money right there at the coin machine. However, there's a fee associated with doing that, so this year we will be doing our donations old-school!

Brandon and I will head to a store to pick up a bunch of toys, and then make a donation to Toys for Tots.

If you are looking at donating to Toys for Tots in the Austin area, here's some info on the local operations.

Be sure to check out Christmas Jars, as well as Jason's other books - you will love them!