The Creative Magic Trick

Merlin Mann has an excellent post over at 43 Folders regarding creative work, how it's perceived in the community and how it's portrayed in bookstores across America. He sums up his thoughts rather nicely:  

Creative work only seems like a magic trick to people who don’t understand that it’s ultimately still work.


He goes on to point out that creative books, whether they detail techniques for photography, painting, writing, etc., serve a more general purpose of making you feel creative rather than setting you on the path to discover your creativity (a process which would last much longer than any book could describe). 


I would agree with him that many books (and websites) create a 'glamour' around creativity, much like there's a 'magic' in hollywood. However, ask anyone involved in a professional creative pursuit, and they will talk about the work that's required to achieve and maintain creativity. It's not some raindrop from heaven which hits you and makes you creative, but rather working to discover and enhance your creativity over time. The work is the magic.