The KLBJ FM Show

Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph the morning show crew for KLBJ FM (93.7) here in Austin. They needed some new images for their website and promotional materials, and they liked how I've been shooting and processing commercial photographs. There were 8 people total involved in the shoot. Thanks to Amanda and Jill for tagging their favs on the laptop and keeping the guys looking good, and a very special thanks to Dave McLaughlin (a great photographer himself) and Shellie Faught for assisting me! Their help was invaluable in setting up multiple lights, moving around locations, etc. Shellie also grabbed some behind-the-scenes video which I will turn into a short movie once I get some free time! We started at the Capitol for some relaxed shots of Bob, Dale, and Charlie:


We then headed to an alley for some really cool stylized portraits. This one is my absolute favorite!


Dale makes use of some free towels lying around.


Charlie has a famous white jacket that we had to work into one of the shots.


Love this shot of Bob, especially with the Royal Air Force logo on his shirt.


Catching some air.


All in all it was a great shoot. I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, and these are a great group of guys that keep you entertained every morning on the radio!