The Wine Unveiling!

Last night we headed up to the fun and trendy Divine Wine in Austin for the official unveiling of Lisa's mom's custom wine! Divine will help you create your own wine, and then they throw a party several weeks later when it's ready! You actually bottle it up, cork and label it yourself, and then box it up and head home!

Check out some of these shots:

Wine, wine and more wine:


Here's the wine ready to go! Believe it or not, you'll get about 25 bottles out of this:


A collection of empty bottles, ready to go:


Getting ready to bottle.


Check out this custom label, designed by yours truly!


Here's Lisa getting ready to operate the corking machine. She was about to 'cork her bottle'. Nice. :)


This interesting device heats up inside and literally melts the label to the bottle in about 1 second! I'd like to cook a hot dog in there.


Let the labeling begin.


Boxed up and ready to go!


After we were done, Lisa decided she wanted to make her own special blend. Here she is in the back room stirring it up.