Trevor Turns 1 (Week Old)

It's been a week now since our fabulous adventure of getting Trevor 'out'. Here are some updated shots/notes.I mentioned earlier the freaky room story. Brandon was born on 6/12/05 in Room 12, and Trevor was born on 9/15/07 in Room 15. In both situations, we didn't ask for those particular rooms. That's just where they put us. Freaky!

Here we are moments after he arrives. If you want the really cool shots, email me :)

Here's Lisa the day we left. We call this shot "Tired Momma" and we did the same black and white shot with Brandon.

At home, Trevor meets his Grandpa for the first time. If you look at his hand, you can see that he's sending a message to the rest of the world.

B-Man taking it all in.

And here's the little guy asleep on the couch.