Tuesday's Tidbits

It's Tuesday and rainy, so here are some miscellaneous things I've decided to share: -- Weis is out. After a less-than-stellar performance, Charlie Weis is out as head coach of Notre Dame. I totally understand why they got rid of him, but I still feel bad for him and his family. Especially his son, who's had to endure a lot of flak at school (and will undoubtedly receive even more now that the decision is final).

-- Blog Challenge. My friend and awesome photog Shannon Cunningham has challenged herself to blog every day in December. If you catch her missing a day, you can win a portrait session or print credits. How cool is that? I think I will try to keep up on posting for the month of December to show solidarity with her.

-- Tiger Woods got hit with a minor traffic infraction for his wreck. I suspect that the citation will be the least of his worries in the coming days/weeks.

-- Christmas cards have arrived and are currently being mailed out. They rock. Look for a post here on Monday about them.