two if by sea

While we were in Boston for my sister-in-law's graduation, we took some time to check out some of the incredible historical landmarks there. One day isn't enough to see everything, but we did catch some of the highlights, including the U.S.S. Constitution (the oldest, still-floating, commissioned warship in the world), as well as some stops on the Freedom Trail.

The Freedom trail is literally a colored-line trail that runs through downtown along several historical sites. You simply start walking on the trail and you're bound to run into something important. We were able to catch Paul Revere's house and the Old North Church. That's where Paul hung those lanterns to let everyone know that the British were on the way (this was pre-Twiter).

Here's the Constitution:


Can you imagine sleeping in these hammocks below deck? Although they look like they are spaced enough apart, sailors would actually be hitting each other because the boat would knock them around with the waves.


Here's part of the Freedom Trail.


Inside the Old North Church are these boxed-off seating areas. Back in the day, you would purchase these areas as your family's personal box seats at church. The walls were high to keep heat in, as families would have little fires going to keep warm.


A tribute to fallen soldiers in the garden of the Old North Church:


Paul Revere's house. Unfortunately, no photography allowed inside. Boo.


This is Paul's front door, where he received countless offers for magazine subscriptions and tasty popcorn treats.