Why I Love Nike+, and How You Can Help Beat Cancer!

If you haven't heard of Nike Plus, it's a cool little device that fits in your running shoe. It talks to your iPod (currently only the Nano, I believe), and transmits information during your run about how you are doing.

When you get back home, it syncs up through iTunes and gives you a summary of how you did. Occasionally, it will congratulate you if you reach certain milestones. Imagine how excited I was when I got home and this popped up on the screen:


Great stuff! Currently I am training to be able to run 10 miles nonstop at some point over the summer. I've been really inspired by Lisa who's been training with Team-In-Traning to get ready for the San Diego half-marathon! Team-In-Training helps people train for races throughout the country, and they have a very-important mission of fighting cancer. This event literally is a race to save lives! She has to raise all of the money to get to San Diego and race, so if you have a moment, maybe you could donate to help her reach her goal?