WPPI/Fresh Faces Finalist!

WPPI is right around the corner (I'll be heading out next Saturday). If you would like to meet up at some point, be sure to send me a message on Facebook or contact me via this site. We might try to organize a lunch or dinner if time permits (there are a lot of activities going on this year). On the WPPI note, I just found out that the "Baby and the Tramp" shot I took of the boys a few years ago has been selected as one of the top 20 finalists in this year's "Fresh Faces" competition! It's one of my most favorite shots, and I am so happy that the boys are getting a little Vegas love.

The winner will be selected by votes and receives some gear and a spread in Rangefinder. So if you have a chance, please head over here and cast your vote for image #9. According to the website, you should "vote early and vote often". So, please feel free to vote again. And again. And again. In fact, I am pretty sure that whoever votes the most probably loves Brandon and Trevor the most, so do it for the kids.