There Be The Black Pearl

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  • August 16, 2012

While on a trip to Oahu, I came across this beauty. It’s the actual ship from all of those Pirates of the Caribbean movies. While it was the Black Pearl for the first three films, it became Blackbeard’s ship (known as Queen Anne’s Revenge) for the fourth film.

The ship is quite impressive. It’s sitting inside a fenced-area dry dock along the coast of Oahu (map and directions below). The detail level is amazing! I was able to get about 30 feet or so away from it, and you could easily make out all of the skeletons, design, and more that went into this incredible ship.

Talking to the locals, it sounds like this ship is waiting for Disney to decide what to do with it. My vote would be to either make another movie or move the vessel to a theme park or the nearby Disney Aulani resort. It’s so visually striking that people would enjoy taking a look at it.

All of these shots were taken with a Fuji X-Pro 1.


If you ever find yourself on Oahu, getting to the ship is quite easy. Here’s a Google map of its location:

View The Black Pearl in a larger map

What you need to do is to park where I’ve marked the pin, and then walk towards the boat landing to the beach area. Then, walk along the beach to check out the ship. Since beaches in Oahu are all public, you are free to walk along them. The parking area is a public-ish boat landing, and there were kids playing there when I visited. The entire walk takes about 5 minutes.

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  • qdlaty says:

    “Since beaches in Oahu are all public, you are free to walk along them” ?? o.O good that fresh air is still public in u.s so you could breath it…

  • Eric Doggett says:

    Let me explain it better so that you can understand it, qdlaty. Here on the mainland, businesses can block off access to beaches that are part of their property. Coastline resorts post signs saying that you can’t enter the part of the beach that’s on their property unless you are staying at the resort.

    In Hawaii, all of the beaches are public property, regardless of whether a business is right there on the coast on or not.

  • Thanks for the tip – we are taking the DCL Wonder to Hawaii in October and have hired a private car to tour Oahu for the day – this may be one of the stops! It is our 30th Anniversary, and when we honeymooned in Hawaii “way back when” I remember being dumbfounded that ALL beaches were public access – this in part because I live in NJ where you have to pay for beach access.

  • Christina says:

    I live here in Hawaii and I have to get back over there to see the ship again. I’ve seen it before but I need some better photos.

  • Carrie says:

    Two years ago, I was in Oahu teaching at a summer science program while they were filming the last movie. While out surfing one day, a coworker and I almost couldn’t believe our eyes as we saw a pirate ship sail by! It was the crew bringing in the Black Pearl for filming. Later as it turns out, it was docked at the marina in Kaneohe that we also used for our research vessel. We got to see it up close as we went in and out on the research cruises. Our students were so excited. They even got to see the actors practicing fencing skills on it.

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  • Darren says:

    Awww I’ve missed seeing it! It use to be docked at Castaway Cay…Disney’s Private Island and the Disney cruise lines would get to see it then it disappeared…now its there! :)

  • Jeanette Parsonage says:

    The Queen Anne’s Revenge/ Black Pearl is no longer there. Theey took it apart over a month ago.

  • Maliki says:

    Black Pearl/Queen Ann’s Revenge found in Casatway Cay, Bahamas. Disney’s own private islands.

  • Tank Ace says:

    On another note, IS THAT A WWII L.C.I that I spy on the map? that’s cool mate!

  • Steve says:

    Hi, can anybody please tell me where the Black Pearl currenlty is?
    Is it still at Oahu?

  • River otter says:

    That’s the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Not the Pearl

  • Cookie Pirate says:

    Yes, the Black Pearl and Queen Anne’s Revenge look different. They were both built onto the hull of the HMS Sunset, who then “played” the Black Pearl in the second and third movies and after reconstruction the Queen Anne’s Revenge in the fourth movie. So, while the core is the same ship, the outside which is probably the more interesting thing for most fans, is not. Moreover, they built several ship sets, so there’d be several Black Pearl locations, although not all of them were actual sailable ships

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